Kaku, Gallagher & Rancic’s Domination Theories


Business of Innovation 2013 attracted hundreds of CEOs, business owners/directors, young entrepreneurs, innovators and members of media

Kuala Lumpur had witnessed world’s renowned futurist, Grand Prix motor racing boss and The Apprentice US winner, who captivated delegates by storms of ideas on how to innovate the world towards the future, at the Business of Innovation symposium, Tuesday last week.


(From left) Jason Lo, guest presenter and Chief Executive Officer of Tune Talk, Dr Michio Kaku, Mark Gallagher, and Bill Rancic sharing a light moment during the panel discussion.

Three great innovators – Bill Rancic, Mark Gallagher and Dr Michio Kaku; addressed the audience on how to innovate today’s inventions, throughout the definition of success and being different.

Organised by The London Speaker Bureau and sponsored by Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) at the JW Marriott Hotel, the symposium has inspired many business leaders, industrial experts and young entrepreneurs with the avalanche of mind-blowing discoveries, professional tips, untold stories and heart-warming advice.

Touted to be one of the most powerful forums for leaders yet, Business of Innovation enabled delegates to comprehend challenges and opportunities facing leaders today while gaining a clearer insight into meeting the rapidly changing needs of various stakeholder groups.


Mark Gallagher giving audience a taste of life on the fast lane

Gallagher kicked off the one-day event 8.00am on 9th April with  a two part session, focusing on “Sustaining a Winning Mindset”. Bill Rancic engaged the delegates in the afternoon, explaining and dissecting on the importance of “Thinking Out of the Box”. The symposium then conquered by National Geographic’s rock-star physicist, the Gold medal Harvard scholar Dr Michio Kaku with his presentation “How science will shape human destiny and our daily lives by the year 2100”.


Dr. Michio Kaku took the audience on a ride to the future!

Q&A opportunities also were given to the delegates and have enlightened many with lots of fresh insights and ideas exchanges.

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