Media In Malaysia & Future of Media | Part III

The rise of active media amidst and amongst the avalanche of netizens worldwide

The traditional journalist saw the last period of the last sentence of their piece as the end of the story. The modern journalist sees the last period of the last sentence of their piece as the beginning of the conversation.

That is why citizen journalists around the world have been pouring in information into the other ‘world’ our parents were afraid to expose us to 10 years ago. Like a river that cuts through rocks not because of power but persistence, the Internet is the perfect place for revolution; from intellectual breeding to cultivation of humanism, anything our minds desire to discover, across all borders with only our fingers to race for.

Netizen-oriented: The growth of blogospheres, citizen online journalism and other new trends in reporting

School textbooks didn’t teach us about these important jargon – “Two sides of the coin”, “Half-full glass versus half-empty”, “Big fish in a small pond or small fish in the endless sea”, et al. Challenge yourself in finding out why it is important to keep your boat afloat. It’s not about submitting our fragile minds to the convenient truths and obliging to societal niceties. The existence and growth of netizens across the Earth (possibly Mars too, now) proved what many theoretical physicists had opined in their academic journals about such escapism to total freedom human has long for.

With the increasing number of wireless devices, micro and molecular processors, touchscreens tablets, hi-definition camera-cum-video recorder, online dictionaries and electronic guides on how to write, everybody today can be a writer, ergo express and report daily happenings that appeals to the ‘cool’ or ‘shocking’ factors. Without taking into account the accountability of one’s ethical principles in writing, this phenomenon could lead to two possible consequences — 1. A person could post anything without filtering information, as it is; or 2. A person could post about anything after filtering the words and pictures. This includes image-doctoring, paraphrasing, adding in some random philosophical quotes and/or trolling.

Multi-directional sources, reading behaviour and inclinations among readers and online publications

Bad news travels fast, even faster in Malaysia due to the constraints of freedom of speech, mainstream media black-out and super-concern citizens that are made up of educated and well-exposed opinion leaders. Wow, that’s heaps of things to digest, isn’t it? First, we can discuss about multi-directional sources and netizens’ reading behaviour that sound friendlier. Have you ever subconsciously wondered why many, many people prefer to switch to Google search engine compared to the ever-complicated MSN or Yahoo homepage? Why some prefer quiet evenings under the moonlight than battalions of engineered par-can lights showering you at festival grounds? Why few really enjoy themselves driving or riding interstates via hillside roads?


Wouldn’t it be really fun if everything that we do or work on every day looks like this?

These are human subconscious mind responding to their nature of characters. Google homepage has almost nothing on it except the search bar and the lovingly GOOGLE characters. Similar to moonlight and hillsides, where there is less and lesser distraction. The traditional “Z” movement of reading behaviour seem to compliment us in most reading conditions and materials.

Unlike tabloids and the old-fashioned newspapers, our choice of webpages, reading materials and blogs reflect the mode and the mood of the stories and articles we are inclined to spend our time and money on. Readers’ inclination accelerates when visual arts, creative animations and interactivity come together in a simplistic manner. No political advertisements, billboards or e-banners, or anything that reminds you of your bad neighbours.

Hybrid Marketers & Media Innovators today

Hybrid marketers & media innovators, today

Hybrid marketing – digital marketing + conventional marketing

Again, we are still blathering about how awful the marketers and their methods are. Personally, I have always thought of this — if all marketing lecturers are awesome at teaching, why don’t they become successful marketers themselves? We have been bombarded by the magic of segmentation, and the evil of promotion against audiences’ purchasing repertoire and habits. Well, not anymore, grannies. Modern Internet users know what they want and where to look for. In hybrid marketing, innovative marketers lead the race with less time and manpower while creating more space, options and interactivity.

For example, at Workface, customers who are thinking about buying something from a company, there is a “human” option on its website. This literally means that somebody (the sales agents or product marketers) are online and visible that you could talk with in real-time. CEO Lief Larson said that the idea came from witnessing (and personally experiencing) what a painful process it is for new customers to find real human beings online.

Hard-sell methods can make its way to the museum.


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