Media In Malaysia & Future of Media | Part IV


Welcome to the digital world, where you will digitalise all of your desires.


Imagine social-media applications – visible in bubble forms on top of your head

Our generation stands between the two eras: Dismantling the old and imagining the new. What can we build together? How do we navigate this new media landscape?

The increasing number of netizen’s population, virtual stock market, news franchises, social media realm and education of the 22nd century, leaves us with more questions than answers. How do we engage communities in the news sourcing process while ensuring truth and accuracy? How do we empower our readers to become evangelists and marketers for our content — without inadvertently becoming spammers? How do we direct the audience’s attention in an age of constant distraction? How do we harness the explosion of user generated content — cut through it, make sense of it, and package it for our readers, viewers or listeners?

Virtual versus reality

Where science, philosophy, theology, politics, arts and humanism cross paths

Let’s stroll back in time when we were kids. Can you remember those heavily-illustrated books our parents used to buy for us? It contained pictures of animals, fruits, vehicles, foods, and many other things, structured in forms of alphabetical sequence. This is exactly how we learned about things, which has somehow shaped us two decades later, become so material-driven, realistic, we even gnaw after making mistakes. In contrary, we wondered how kids learn about things today – they know a lot regarding foreign cultures, trends, people and their foods, music and sports. It was not a matter of reduction of exposure at all, but – perversely – of an expansion, the aleatory flutter of uncontrolled, metastatic growth that they know more than they know about themselves and their backgrounds. Now, what do we want to know about ourselves, and the inexorable direction we are heading to?


What if time-travel is possible, and the future me travels back and say – It ain’t all you think it will be, boy

Type 0 to Type 1 civilisation

Media in the year 2020, or 2100

The atomisation of all media, thanks to the irreversible shift from the old, hard, analogue means of communication to ephemeral digital versions, is a process only accelerated by the global recession. The rapid revolution of tools, electronic devices and its applications are just the gateway to infinite possibilities of what science technology could achieve.


The future of Integrated Mind-Mapping

It is arguable to say that we are knocking on the door of the futuristic world we see in Hollywood films. It is the world where media is a part of the system, integrated and synchronised with our lives. Humans will no longer be the prisoners of their minds, since the ‘speed of information-sharing’ IS the new speed of light. Media autonomy, monoculturalism and entertainment will become stories of the past, and will be replaced by bubbles or clouds of thoughts on glossy touchscreens on the streets and walls, shorter and concise auto-piloted news, home-education, and probably watching your favourite spoken-word shows in the absence of physical books and magazines.

Hope this article does not remind you of your science teacher. Now, are there “Minority Report”, “Demolition Man”, “Total Recall”, “I, Robot”, “Surrogates” and “The Matrix” trilogy in your 10 Terabytes external drive or Cloud?

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