Whitehouse & Facebook folks on U.S. Immigration Reform

FWD.us: Moving the knowledge economy forward

“So if we’re truly committed to strengthening our middle class and providing more ladders of opportunity to those who are willing to work hard to make it into the middle class, we’ve got to fix the system. We have to make sure that every business and every worker in America is playing by the same set of rules.

We have to bring this shadow economy into the light so that everybody is held accountable — businesses for who they hire, and immigrants for getting on the right side of the law.

That’s common sense. And that’s why we need comprehensive immigration reform.” – President Barack Obama, January 29, 2013

About FWD.us: an organisation started by key leaders in the tech community to promote policies to keep the United States and its citizens competitive in a global economy—including comprehensive immigration reform and education reform.

Leading tech community in United States believes in the need of comprehensive immigration reform

FWD.us believes the global economy is changing and America must make significant changes to stay ahead. The movement will work to encourage Congress to focus on policies that maximise the potential of the country’s workforce to contribute to the knowledge economy.


FWD.us Infographics (facebook.com/fwdus)

FWD.us Principles:

  • Comprehensive immigration reform that allows for the hiring of the best and brightest.
  • Education reforms that produce more graduates in the science, technology and math fields and ensure all children receive a high quality education from effective teachers and accountable schools.
  • Support for scientific research, which seeds the future innovation of the U.S. knowledge economy, and breakthrough developments.

An excerpt from Mark Zuckerberg’s note, posted on April 11, 2013:


The Facebook’s founder showing his support by becoming a part of the core team in Silicon Valley (www.columan.com)

“We have a strange immigration policy for a nation of immigrations. And it’s a policy unfit for today’s world.

The economy of the last century was primarily based on natural resources, industrial machines and manual labor. It was an economy where many of these resources were zero sum and controlled by companies. If someone else had an oil field, then you did not. There are only so many oil fields, and there is only so much wealth that can be created from them for society.

Today’s economy is very different. It is primarily based on knowledge and ideas — resources that are renewable and available to everyone. Unlike oil fields, someone else knowing something doesn’t prevent you from knowing it too. In fact, the more people who know something, the better educated and trained we all are, the more productive we become, and the better off everyone in our nation can be.

This can change everything. In a knowledge economy, the most important resources are the talented people we educate and attract to our country. A knowledge economy can scale further, create better jobs and provide a higher quality of living for everyone in our nation.


FWD.us Infographics (facebook.com/fwdus)

To lead the world in this new economy, we need the most talented and hardest-working people. We need to train and attract the best. We need those middle school students to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Why do we offer so few H1B visas for talented specialists that the supply runs out within days of becoming available each year, even though we know each of these jobs will create two or three more American jobs in return? Why don’t we let entrepreneurs move here even when they have what it takes to start new companies that will create even more jobs?”

Joe Green, Founder and President of FWD.us released the following statement on the Senate Gang of Eight’s bipartisan legislation to achieve comprehensive immigration reform:


The mastermind behind Causes & NationBuilder (www.nationbuilder.com)

“The United States has been built on the ingenuity and drive of immigrants, and in the tech community, we know that in order for our country to remain globally competitive, the President and Congress must reform our country’s archaic and broken immigration system.

We hope that Senators along all points of the political spectrum will join their Gang of Eight colleagues in working in a similar bipartisan fashion to achieve significant reforms, and we will work with them on a bipartisan basis to ensure critical visa programs are workable.

FWD.us will continue to advocate for comprehensive, bipartisan reform that will attract innovators, build prosperous neighborhoods with strong families and good jobs, and ensure the U.S. continues to lead the world in the growth of the knowledge economy.”

Definitely not the average Joe in the world’s leading tech community, he is well-known for his tremendous achievement previously, as the founder of Causes and co-founded NationBuilder. His major inclination in local politics (U.S.) started after winning the election to his local school board while he was still in high school. He went on to work on several other political campaigns at the local, state and national level, including John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign. He is a Board Member of the Salesforce Foundation.

AK7 would like to address these key arguments pertaining to the reasons behind the establishment of FWD.us, which could be seen related to few similar imbroglios many countries in the world have faced in the recent 3 to 5 years:

  1. Brain drain crisis
  2. Import & export of skilled & talented manpower or graduates that are only based on government’s nomination, sponsorship & quotas available
  3. The current state of immigration system in America; does it only benefit the ruling power or is it actually what the majority of Americans have voted for/demanded?



FWD.us is an advocacy organisation created to promote policies that will lead to a more advanced workforce and stronger knowledge economy in the U.S. Our organisation is backed by a diverse group of leading innovators, job creators, business owners and founders from Silicon Valley’s tech sector. Currently managed and administrated under two dynamic teams, The FWD.us Silicon Valley team handles all digital, organizing, and membership efforts, while The FWD.us Washington D.C. team focuses on movement’s advocacy, research, and communication efforts.

To learn more about the President’s efforts to advance immigration reform, read the Immigration Blueprint.

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