The sticKsman

Ammar khairi has fallen in love with all sorts of beauty. His journey in pursuing his passion started after the discovery of minimalism over a year ago, when he was trying to understand himself better, and deeper. A life-changing discovery indeed, nothing could have been worse or better up until today, since he has been learning passionately that life is not all about what he can do, but also, what he is willing to do.

Majored in Philosophy, Media and Communications studies, he takes great pleasure in knowing new people, learn about their great personalities and stories. Ammar calls himself being the ‘coffee-shop philosopher’ amongst his close friends due to his tendencies of preaching about the meanings of things in between things. Previously worked as a Media Relations officer in 2 TV stations, it didn’t take long enough for him to understand and has exited from the crisis traditional media would face in 5 to 8 years to come.

Less is more; an ex-bike racer who loves the absolutely-quiet ambiance in the wee hours of the night, often he finds his fingers racing for the materialisation of words by penning down short texts on some random purchase bills or his iPad. Later he will enjoyably construct paragraphs while getting swallowed deeper into taciturnity, accompanied by a cup of his favourite mocha latte. Adding that he is a lone wolf, this could mean anywhere convenient.

He would humbly introduce music as the vertex of his world. Fairly-equipped and experienced behind the drums, Ammar tend to get himself immersed in any piece he plays, as his getaway to further apprehend humanity, and humanism. The view he gets from sitting on the drum-throne on stage is interesting — considering the layers of people and the substance of feedback. Just like writing, he enjoys materialising the rhythms and grooves he has in mind via the 5B, oval-tipped drumsticks to compliment the band and music comprehensively and melodically.

Of “pen and drumsticks”, race “circuits and coffee”, quiet “nights and humanity”, this is Ammar khairi, the sticksman who is glad to be in his world of Asymmetry.

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