multiverse music

Multiverse | 2012 © Rami Kais

From the Orion’s belt-to-southern hemisphere, Earth:

III unidentified elements (antimatter) crashed amidst the deformed masses of planet’s inhabitants. Due to massive airwaves and electricity disruptions, the elements quickly redefined into human physiques, with indistinguishable features & preferences. Last traced in the hills of Belgraves, VIC. Current whereabouts unknown. Existing evidences are believed to be untapped, genuine and accessible, hence to be discussed further within the next lightyear.

– Source: mid-earth intelligence (2013)

Multiverse Bandiversary 2013

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking in 2010 warned that humans should not try to contact alien life forms. He warned that aliens might pillage Earth for resources. However, scientists at NASA and Penn State University published a paper in April 2011 addressing the question “Would contact with extraterrestrials benefit or harm humanity?” The paper describes positive, negative and neutral scenarios.

A year later, with governments and military officials seeking to close SETI, an Earthling, who is also a member of the Netizen, finds seven different signals in a decipherable data packet repeating a sequence of prime numbers (3, 7), apparently sent from the asterism (image) in the constellation Orion:

Multiverse ® 2012 Rami Kais

The project is put under tight security and its progress followed worldwide. The anonymous Earthling learned that the signal contained 7 (prime) of what appeared to be ‘syntactical accompaniment’ (a CP-reversed text system buried in the signal). After a number of unsuccessful attempts, the Earthling realised that the syntax complex sheets were designed to be interpreted via 3 (prime) dimensions:

experimental | punk | progressive

‘Syntactical accompaniment’ posed an interesting question concerning the existence of other life made of antimatter (CPT-reversed), hidden in one of the most famous constellations known to mankind; by which what the interpreters would believe, is the text system to unlock the gateway to Multiverse.

Multiverse CD sleeve

Fictional mash-ups by AK7

Unconditional love & thanks to Kais family, Scott & McLatchie family, our former member: ex-special effects master Beau d’Avoine

Engineered, mixed & mastered by Nick Herrera, The Shamrock Studios, AUS

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